Theme: It's Never Too Late To Learn

Learning happens anywhere and at any time! With La Fuerza, we encourage parents and caregivers every day to continue to learn.  We want to learn not only about the children in our care, but also about everything else in the world that interests us, especially those things that look challenging or even “too late” to achieve.

It’s never too late to go back to school.  It’s never too late to learn.

Part of our learning is knowing how to model learning for our families.  When our children see us taking on a new challenge and asking for support and encouragement to achieve it, they learn how to be active in their own learning and development.

Let’s keep learning about the topics of life, love, books, and most importantly ourselves. 

Key Messages for Parents:

  • It’s never too late to learn.  Everyone has a future and everyone can learn, grow and transform themselves to create a better future.

  • You are in charge of your story and the story of your family.  It is never too late to write a new chapter.  Let’s show our children how to be in charge of their stories, too.

  • Back to school is the time of year when families need to bring the fun back to learning at home.  This year especially, our children will benefit when we all learn something together as a family.

  • Libraries are a great place for families to learn together!  Every library has thousands of stories, great people to interact with, and many chances for every family to create moments of connection.

How do you respond to that little voice that says, “you can’t do it”?


“It’s Never Too Late To Learn” – Momentos de Conexión Video (Moments of Connection), 1 minute

It is never too late to learn. In this video, we see how Leonardo encourages his grandfather to read to him. Although the grandfather struggles to read, he defies that ‘little voice’ in his head which gets in his way of learning.

How do you respond to that little voice that says, “you can’t do it”?

Suggested Post:

    • It’s never too late to learn! We learn every day just like our little ones. Watch this Moment of Connection video to see how amazing it is to learn with them. How do you respond to that little voice that says, “you can’t do it”? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


  • ¡Nunca es tarde para aprender! Aprendemos todos los días como nuestros pequeños. Mira este video de los Momentos de Conexión para ver lo increíble que es aprender con ellos. ¿Cómo le respondes a esa voz #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


Share these tip cards with parents to get them thinking about how to create loving moments of connection with their children. What advice can they provide?


SOCCER. You are your child’s most important team player. How many steps to get a goal? She’s an amazing player! How about we practice together? Whose’s turn is it?

What do you tell your children about reaching their goals?

Suggested Post for Back To School:

  • Back-to-school season provides opportunities for new family goals. You are your child’s most important team player. How can you use this Consejo to brainstorm steps your family can take together? How do you and your family reach your goals? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas

  • La temporada de volver a la escuela provee oportunidades para nuevas metas familiares. Tu eres el jugador más importante en la vida de tus hijos. ¿Cómo puedes utilizar este Consejo para pensar en pasos que tu familia y tu pueden tomar juntos?¿Cómo tu y tu familia alcanzan sus metas? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


THE LIBRARY. The library is a great place to show your children that questions lead to learning and provide resources for the entire family.-Where can I find a book about the Inca engineers of Machu Picchu?  What do you want to know more about? What time is Reading for Adults?

What stories can be discovered when you follow your questions?

Suggested post to celebrate Literacy Day:

  • The library is the perfect place to find thousands of stories. The walls, the books, the people, all of those resources can teach us something. Going to a nearby library as a family to create moments of connection and learn is a great activity to support early learning. What other ways can you celebrate Literacy Day? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas

  • La Librería es el lugar perfecto para encontrar mil historias. Las paredes, libros, la gente, todos esos recursos nos enseñan. Ir a una librería cercana como una familia a Momentos de Conexión y aprender es una excelente actividad para apoyar el aprendizaje temprano. ¿De qué otras maneras puedes celebrar el día de la Literacia? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas #LiteracyDay


Share this storybook read aloud in Spanish. Invite parents to try a new reading strategy with their child. How might they activate these stories?

Sembrando Historias: Pura Belpré

Author: Anika Aldamuy Denise
Illustrator: Paola Escobar

An inspiring picture book biography of storyteller, puppeteer, and New York City’s first Puerto Rican librarian, who championed bilingual literature.  Brought to colorful life by Paola Escobar’s elegant and exuberant illustrations and Anika Aldamuy Denise’s lyrical text, this gorgeous book is perfect for the pioneers in your life.

Suggested Post:

    • It’s never late to achieve your goals and dreams. Pura Belpré was the first Puerto Rican Librarian of NYC. Her story is an inspiring tale of how we can achieve anything we put our minds to. How do you relate to Pura’s story?#FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


  • Nunca es tarde para lograr nuestros sueños y metas. Pura Belpré fue la primera biblotecaria Puerto Riqueña de la Ciudad de Nueva York. Su historia es una muy inspiradora en como podemos lograr lo que sea que nos proponemos. ¿Cómo te identificas con la historia de Pura? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


Celebrity host Gaby Rivero and Les Rivero, a Latino father from Philadelphia, continue their conversation about creating our own unique stories with our children. They talk about how adults who don’t read well can still create meaningful connections with their children around books.

Crea Tu Propia Historia Pt. 2

Juntas en Casa with Gaby Rivero (Together at Home), 5 minutes

Suggested Post: 

    • It’s never too late to create your own story. When we explore the world with our children, we learn amazing things together. Gaby Rivero joined by Les Rivera, tells us all about how we create our own stories in this episode of Juntas en Casa! Subscribe to @fuerzafamlatina YouTube channel for more videos like this, link in their bio! #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


  • Nunca es muy tarde para crear nuestra historia. Cuando exploramos el mundo con nuestros hijos, aprendemos cosas maravillosas juntos. Gaby Rivero acompañada de Les Rivera, nos cuenta todo sobre como creamos nuestras propias historias en este episodio de Juntas en Casa. Suscríbete al canal de Youtube de @fuerzafamlatina para más videos como este. #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadelasFamiliasLatinas 


Invite caregivers to subscribe to Text Messages promoting early learning at home.

Messages are informed by scholarly research, are crafted in plain language and disseminated by Univisión and Too Small to Fail.

Suggested Post: 

Recibe consejos en español para apoyar el desarrollo de tu hijo enviando la palabra CONSEJOS al 26262.



Sign Up for a Parent Workshop

Share our free online workshop invitation to Spanish-speaking caregivers in your community of young children. Registered participants receive free books and create digital stories with their children. To find information about future workshops click and share here.

Suggested Post:

  • ¡Aprende cómo tu amor puede brindar soporte al cerebro de tu hijo! Si eres padre de niños de 0 a 7 años y hablas español inscríbete en el taller de @fuerzafamlatina GRATIS. Los días 20, 22, 24, 27 y 29 de septiembre en diferentes horarios. Más información en @fuerzafamlatina. #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas #FuerzaFamLatina

Sign Up for a Professional Development Workshop

Share this invitation about online orientation for agencies serving Latinx families of children 0-7 years old. Organizations will learn about La Fuerza de Familias Latinas initiative and how to host a workshop for caregivers in their community. To find information about training events click here.

Suggested Post:

  • Become a facilitator for La Fuerza! This 4-day program is designed for Spanish-speaking staff members of parent-serving agencies. Certified facilitators are able to implement La Fuerza’s family engagement curriculum for Spanish-speaking families of young children. Learn more at @fuerzafamlatina’s website. #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas #FuerzaFamLatina


Explore to find more resources in Spanish, from our Partners Too Small to Fail and Univision Materials embed positive parenting messages and research-based tips. Share the telenovela, La Fuerza de Creer 2, access activities, watch videos, and more.

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