Theme: You Are Your Child's First Teacher

November is harvest season, a time to be thankful, and a time to reflect on the results of the hard work of parenting. Creating the future we want for our children is possible when we recognize our power as our child’s first and best teacher. 
Children learn to appreciate the world when they spend time with you. They watch and notice how you show gratitude in your relationships. Your traditions and positive interactions with loved ones, help them enjoy and learn about their ever-expanding world.
So, let’s encourage each other to use positive and colorful words, stories about our Latino recipes, describe the things we love and enjoy our mealtimes for the important moments of connection with our children that they are.
These acts of love and positive words create the childhood we want for our children.

Key Messages for Parents:

  • Enjoying traditions and activities together offer a chance to create the childhood you want your children to have.

  • You have the choice to be your child’s first teacher – instead of their first bully. Finding help to manage your own difficult emotions is an act of love for both you and your child. Speaking positively and acting with kindness changes the story for those of us who had a difficult childhood.

  • The holiday season brings families together around recipes – like telling the story passed down from your great-tia of how she grew and cooked the sweetest yams on Thanksgiving. When your child explores these recipes, they are learning math and science too!

  • Mealtime is a great time to explore colors, numbers, shapes and bond with your child. Wonder together about the people and the journey that brought the food to your Thanksgiving table.

  • Harvest season is rich in earthly colors as the seasons change. What are the colors of their world? Look around, and together find inspiration from natural colors like our food, the leaves, and the sky.

  • Reflect on the hard work, care and long journey to harvest season. Appreciate  your own work as a parent.


What kind of childhood are you creating for your children?


“You are your child’s first teacher” – Momentos de Conexión Video (Moments of Connection), 1 minute

You have the power to create your children’s future. Mario tells us how his children can have a different childhood than he did. A life full of support and without violence. He can be his child’s first teacher, instead of his first bully.

What kind of childhood are you creating for your children?

Suggested Post:


  • The power to create your children’s future is in YOU. You have everything you need to be your child’s most important person and their first teacher. Watch this video where Mario realizes he can create a different childhood for his son, full of support and without violence. #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


  • El poder de crear el futuro de tus hijos esta EN TÍ. Tienes todo lo que necesitas para ser la persona más importante para tu hijo y su primer maestro. MIra este video donde Mario se da cuenta que puede darle una crianza diferente a su hijo, llena de apoyo y sin violencia. #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


Share these tip cards with parents to get them thinking about how to create loving moments of connection with their children. What advice can they provide?


THE KITCHEN. Cooking with your children supports their early learning. Measure, count, mix the ingredients. What does it smell like? How does it feel?

What stories do your Latinx recipes tell?

Suggested Post for Harvest Season:

  • This month we celebrate Harvest Season. Cooking, measuring and exploring ingredients with your children supports their early learning, especially math and science. The tastes, smells and textures add color to the storytelling about how food got from farms to our tables. What stories are your family recipes telling? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas

  • Este mes celebramos la temporada de cosecha. Cocinar, medir y explorar ingredientes con tus hijos apoya su aprendizaje temprano, en especial las matemáticas y las ciencias. Los sabores, olores y texturas le agrega color a las historias de como las comidas llegaron desde las fincas hasta las mesas. ¿Qué historias cuentan tus recetas familiares? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


MEALTIME. Mealtime is the perfect moment to practice numbers and shapes. Do you want more or less? How many pieces of fruit are there? What shapes can we make with the beans? Tell me 2 things you learned today.

How many stories can you create at dinner time?

Suggested post to celebrate Thanksgiving:

  • This month we celebrate actions of Thanksgiving. While connecting through conversations during mealtime, are also practicing early math skills! Words like how many, more or less and noticing shapes and colors help our children understand math? How many math stories can you create at dinner-time? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas #Thanksgiving

  • Este mes celebramos las acciones de gracias. Mientras conectamos a través de conversaciones durante la cena, también podemos practicar destrezas de la matemática temprana! Palabras como, muchas, mas o menos y notar las figuras y colores ayuda a nuestros hijos a entender las matemáticas. ¿Cuantas historias puedes crear a la hora de la cena? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas #DiadeAcciondeGracias


Share this storybook read aloud in Spanish. Invite parents to try a new reading strategy with their child. How might they activate these stories?

My Colors, My World. Mis Colores, Mi Mundo.

Author: Maya Christina Gonzalez

This beautiful bilingual book follows Maya as she discovers and describes all the brilliant, natural colors in her world. This story follows the creative optimism of the author who grew up in the Mojave Desert, discovering beauty everywhere, even when the wind blew desert sand and her neighborhood turned the color of dust.

Suggested Post:

    • Explore the natural colors of Maya’s world, in My Colors My World, Mis Colores Mi Mundo; written and illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez. When you talk with your child about how they see the world, you help them express their point of view. How might the Harvest seasons inspire your child to find the beauty in their world? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


  • Exploren los colores de la naturaleza en el mundo de Maya, en Mis Colores Mi Mundo, escrito e ilustrado por Maya Christia Gonzalez. Cuando hables con tus hijos de como ellos ven el mundo, ayúdanos a expresar su punto de vista. ¿Cómo puede la temporada de cosecha inspirar a tu hijo a encontrar la belleza en su mundo? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


Celebrity host Gaby Rivero is joined by our parent leader Lourdes de la Cruz, to discuss how children can learn science and math together with us, when they help us cook. We see a child learning through her mother’s favorite Pupusa recipe.


Juntas en Casa with Gaby Rivero (Together at Home), 5 minutes

Suggested Post: 

    • Celebrity host Gaby Rivero continues the conversation with parents like you about learning together at home. Watch the video about how to make math and science fun for them when they help you cook! Subscribe to @fuerzafamlatina YouTube channel for more videos like this, link in their bio! #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas #STEM


  • Gaby Rivero, nuestra anfitrionia continúa la conversación con padres como tu sobre aprender juntos en casa. ¡Mira este video sobre como hacer las matemáticas y las ciencias divertidas para ellos mientras te ayudan a cocinar! Suscríbete al canal de Youtube de @fuerzafamlatina para más videos como este. Enlace en su biografía. #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas #FuerzaFamLatina #STEM #STEAM


Invite caregivers to subscribe to Text Messages promoting early learning at home.

Messages are informed by scholarly research, are crafted in plain language and disseminated by Univisión and Too Small to Fail.

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Recibe consejos en español para apoyar el desarrollo de tu hijo enviando la palabra CONSEJOS al 26262.



Sign Up for a Parent Workshop

Share our free online workshop invitation to Spanish-speaking caregivers in your community of young children. Registered participants receive free books and create digital stories with their children. To find information about future workshops click and share here.

Suggested Post:

  • ¡Aprende cómo tu amor puede brindar soporte al cerebro de tu hijo! Si eres padre de niños de 0 a 7 años y hablas español inscríbete en el taller de @fuerzafamlatina GRATIS. Más información en @fuerzafamlatina. #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas #FuerzaFamLatina

Sign Up for a Professional Development Workshop

Share this invitation about online orientation for agencies serving Latinx families of children 0-7 years old. Organizations will learn about La Fuerza de Familias Latinas initiative and how to host a workshop for caregivers in their community. To find information about training events click here.

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  • Become a facilitator for La Fuerza! This 4-day program is designed for Spanish-speaking staff members of parent-serving agencies. Certified facilitators are able to implement La Fuerza’s family engagement curriculum for Spanish-speaking families of young children. Learn more at @fuerzafamlatina’s website. #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas #FuerzaFamLatina


Explore to find more resources in Spanish, from our Partners Too Small to Fail and Univision Materials embed positive parenting messages and research-based tips. Share the telenovela, La Fuerza de Creer 2, access activities, watch videos, and more.

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