Theme: What Does it Mean to Be A Real Man?

Happy Father’s Day. With La Fuerza, we celebrate Father’s Day every day in recognition of the central importance of fathers and father figures in the lives of young children.

The work of raising children is filled with emotion. Fathers and father figures play an important role in the emotional life of children. Helping our children understand and express their feelings helps them build skills that are important for learning and for success in school.

So, let’s celebrate the powerful influence of fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other paternal figures… on Father’s Day and every day.

Let’s lift up the ways that love and affection nourish our children and help them succeed in school and life.

Key Messages for Parents:

  • Father figures are important! The way we see fathers in our communities shapes our attitudes and behaviors about what “real men” look like and how they should behave. Children benefit from having caring and responsive father figures in their lives.

  • Talking about feelings and expressing emotions are important in developing school readiness. You can help your child become a strong learner by exploring emotions together and by allowing them to share their feelings without you getting upset.

  • All men need to share their difficult feelings with other caring adults in their lives or with professionals who can help us find healthy ways to express ourselves. Loving-kindness towards yourself benefits your relationship with your child.

  • Children raised in environments that are language-rich learn about feelings, motivations, and how to see many different perspectives.

  • For Father’s Day, there are millions of ways to make reading fun for your child and for you!  Explore the images in books together.  Ask your child to imagine how a character feels. Use your voice to animate the story and emphasize each character’s feelings and personality.

  • Families come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Our father figures might be our uncles, grandfathers, the barber, or coaches.  Honoring all the father figures in your child’s life makes them feel cared for and builds strong bonds in your family.


“Real Man” – Momentos de Conexión Video (Moments of Connection), 1 minute

Children benefit from the presence of a caring father figure. Rafael explains to us how men can also be gentle, loving, and caring with their children.

What does it mean to be a “real man”?

Suggested Post:

    • Happy Father’s Day! Children benefit from the presence of caring father figures including uncles, grandfathers, coaches, or barbers. What does it mean to be a “real man”? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


  • ¡Feliz día de los Padres! Una figura paterna amorosa, incluyendo a los tios, abuelos, profesores y hasta los barberos es beneficioso para tus hijos. ¿Qué significa para ti ser un “hombre de verdad”? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


Share these tip cards with parents to get them thinking about how to create loving moments of connection with their children. What advice can they provide?


FEELINGS. Empathizing with the emotions of your children supports their healthy development. What song makes you happy? How does this story make you feel? Today, I feel… Do you want to know why I feel this way?

What stories can your emotions tell?

Suggested Post for Father’s Day, June 20-26, 2021:

  • Happy Father’s Day! Use this Consejo to talk to your child about their feelings to help their healthy development. Talking about your own feelings encourages their language development and helps them get ready for school. What stories can your emotions tell? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas

  • ¡Feliz día de los padres! Utiliza este consejo para hablar con tus hijos sobre sus sentimientos para apoyar su desarrollo saludable. Hablar con tus hijos sobre tus propios sentimientos y emociones los motiva a desarrollar el lenguaje y a prepararlos para la escuela. #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


THE RAINBOW. Exploring the spectrum of colors with your child provides an opportunity to learn the Art and Science of diversity. How does light create a rainbow? Let’s blend our favorite colors to see what color we make? Let’s explore the different shades of red in the crayon box. What colors show up in your family stories?

Suggested post to celebrate Pride Month:

  • Pride Month celebrates the diversity of families and reminds us that Familias Latinas come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Use this Consejo to explore the Art and Science of colors. Encourage your child to wonder about how light makes a rainbow, create a new color through blending, and explore the many shades of red in a crayon box. #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas

  • El mes del orgullo celebra la diversidad de las familias y nos recuerda que las Familias Latinas vienen en todos los colores, tamaños y formas. Utiliza este Consejo para explorar el arte y la ciencia de los colores. Motiva a tus hijos a preguntarse como la luz crea el arcoíris, crea un nuevo color mezclando otros y explora todos los tonos de rojos de la caja de colores. #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


Share this storybook read aloud in Spanish. Invite parents to try a new reading strategy with their child. How might they activate these stories?

Oso Pardo Oso Pardo, ¿Qué Ves Ahí?

Author: Bill Martin Jr.
Illustrator: Eric Carle

In this classic book, we meet boldly colored creatures that help us discover what other animal is about to appear. As we move through the pages, we see the animals adopt different colors and sizes. Pattern, rhyme, and repetition of the question “what do you see?” allow children to predict the coming text. Enjoy animating this story with your voice and take turns reading with your child. What sound might a purple cat make?

Suggested Post: 

    • Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy this book illustrated by the artist Eric Carle and written by Bill Martin Jr. Enjoy using your imagination to animate the feelings and sounds of these colorful animals! What sound might a purple cat make? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas

  • ¡Feliz día de los padres! Disfruten este libro ilustrado por el artista Eric Carle y escrito por Bill Martin Jr. ¡Utilicen su imaginación para animar las emociones y sonidos de estos coloridos animales! ¿Qué sonido puede hacer un gato morado? #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


Celebrity host Gaby Rivero in conversation with Lourdes de la Cruz, a parent from the Bronx, to discuss the value of reading to children from a young age. They reflect on a video of a dad using funny voices to animate a children’s book and notice how he follows his child’s lead.


Juntas en Casa with Gaby Rivero (Together at Home), 5 minutes

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    • Celebrity host Gaby Rivero continues the conversation with parents like you about learning together at home. Watch the video about how to make reading with young children fun for them and you! Subscribe to @fuerzafamlatina YouTube channel, link in their bio! #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


  • Gaby Rivero, nuestra anfitrionia continúa la conversación con padres como tu sobre aprender juntos en casa. ¡Mira este video sobre como hacer la lectura con los niños pequeños divertida para ellos y para ti! Suscríbete al canal de Youtube de @fuerzafamlatina para más videos como este. Enlace en su biografía. #FuerzaFamLatina #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas


Invite caregivers to subscribe to Text Messages promoting early learning at home.

Messages are informed by scholarly research, are crafted in plain language and disseminated by Univisión and Too Small to Fail.

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Recibe consejos en español para apoyar el desarrollo de tu hijo enviando la palabra CONSEJOS al 26262.



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  • ¡Aprende cómo tu amor puede brindar soporte al cerebro de tu hijo! Si eres padre de niños de 0 a 7 años y hablas español inscríbete en el taller de @fuerzafamlatina GRATIS. Los días 21, 23, 26, 28 y 30 de julio en diferentes horarios. Más información en @fuerzafamlatina. #LaFuerzadeFamiliasLatinas #FuerzaFamLatina

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Explore to find more resources in Spanish, from our Partners Too Small to Fail and Univision Materials embed positive parenting messages and research-based tips. Share the telenovela, La Fuerza de Creer 2, access activities, watch videos, and more.

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