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The mission of Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors is to honor and support parents as leaders of their families and their child’s first and most influential teacher. PARENTS are powerful agents of change in the lives of their children and communities. They lead the way to positive outcomes for their children. AP/OD PARENTS participate in local programs to strengthen their leadership, knowledge and support systems – all key in preparing their young children for school success. AP/OD’s ten interactive sessions assist parents in building strong foundations for their children in reading, math, technology, health and more. Parents support each other in making what they learn a part of daily life, understanding they are in powerful positions as leaders and advocates for their families.

PARTNERS are family-serving organizations and schools that adopt Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors as a transformational, culturally-relevant, and evidence-based program.

PARTNERS adopt the parent program as their own because it reflects the culture and realities of diverse families, draws from real-life experiences, and incorporates data about local schools and services. Partners know the benefit of parents being highly involved in the first five critical years of life. They support parents in strengthening their families for the transition into school and for long-term engagement in community life.

Learn more, visit www.ap-od.org

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