Leyendo Juntas en Casa (Reading Together At Home)

<p class="_04xlpA direction-ltr align-justify para-style-body"><span class="JsGRdQ">Our new program, called </span><a class="JsGRdQ" draggable="false" href="https://lafuerzadefamilias.org/en/playlist/together-at-home/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Leyendo Juntas en Casa</a><span class="JsGRdQ"> (Reading Together at Home) is a meetup for Spanish-speaking parents via Zoom.</span></p> <p class="_04xlpA direction-ltr align-justify para-style-body"><span class="JsGRdQ">Parents come together to watch a short video conversation between Gaby Rivero and other caregivers about how to spark a love for reading. Parents think together and draw from home culture ways to creatively activate books.</span></p> <p class="_04xlpA direction-ltr align-justify para-style-body"><strong><span class="JsGRdQ">Topic of the month: Creating your own stories 2nd Part</span></strong></p>

Sponsored by:

The William Penn Foundation & City First Readers


May 12th


5 PM - 6 PM (in your time zone)

Location: ZOOM

Price: Free

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