Family Engagement Program & Telenovela

Literacy Partners is an adult literacy program for parents and caregivers.  We believe that every parent and caregiver has the skills and knowledge they need to develop success for themselves and a better future for their children. We developed a parent engagement toolkit that provides early childhood and elementary programs with everything they need to facilitate a series of interactive workshops for Spanish-speaking parents and caregivers called “La Fuerza de Familias Latinas” (The Power of Latinx Families).

La Fuerza de Familias Latinas is a national campaign and education program inspired by educational content we created with Univision. In 2019, we co-created season 2 of the popular telenovela “La Fuerza de Creer” which was seen by more than 1.4 million people when it was broadcasted. Our workshops and digital resources are designed to support parents and caregivers to promote their children’s early learning, social-emotional growth and school readiness.

Our program model is aligned with national educational standards and was found to be “uniquely successful” by external evaluators from New York University. Our approach is to engage Spanish-speaking families “in language and in culture” with stories they can relate to, a community they can grow with, and practical tools they can use at home with their children.

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Theory of Change

We believe parents already have what they need at home, in-culture, and in-language to promote their children’s early learning, social emotional growth, and school readiness.  We begin with the power of story and provide the community and the context for parents and caregivers to develop their existing capacity.   


Participants watch clips of family drama from Univision’s hit telenovela, “La Fuerza de Creer”.


Participants share what they notice about the characters and the scenes of parent-child interactions and tell related stories from their own families.


Participants recognize their own strengths as caregivers and decide on actions that will create Moments of Connection and learning with their children.

Bring La Fuerza to your community

We meet families where they are – in their home language and culture, at home or in the community – while navigating real-world issues.